Like so many Germans, I love England.

The first time I moved here was in 2003, and both I and the country itself have changed a lot in the years since: Back in the day,”German” and “Nazi” were still quite closely associated; then came Frau Merkel and re-focused everybody’s attention — up until Lidl and Aldi arrived in more and more cities across the country, meaning non-Swastika brands are now shaping the image of my home country!

Given the turmoil and divisions of the past couple of years, I have decided to take stock, and also to remind myself and my friends of the many thing I love about this country: the myriad way of queuing and apologising; the unshakeable belief in one’s ability to win on penalties; London and the Cotswolds and Cornwall and the Lake District; Leicester City and Mary Anning and the Plimsoll Line and Marmite; the News Quiz and collective nouns for animals — 111 reasons, at least! And, surely, the most important one has to be the religious belief in the cuppa as a cure against all ills and evils in this world.

The result of my quest into reasons to love England is this new book, due out on 1 September 2018, with Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf. It’s written in German so as not to just preach to the choir — and to contribute a little bit to cross-Channel communications in times of EUlienation (is that a word?). 

So here’s my book on England — I hope you find at least 111 reasons to love it!


111 Reasons to love England -- a book about places and people and humour and collective nouns and the unassailable cuppa!Christophe Fricker
111 Gründe, England zu lieben
Eine Liebeserklärung an das schönste Land der Welt
ca. 288 Seiten | Premium-Paperback mit zwei farbigen Bildteilen

Verlag Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf
ISBN 978-3-86265-714-8
14,99 EUR (D)