May I ask: could you help me reach out to refugees and asylum-seekers as well as people on a low income with a keen interest in translation? Six full scholarships are available to them at Bristol Translates, the Literary Translation Summer School I am helping to organise, and I want to make sure as many people as possible find out about it.

The summer school has boosted careers in previous years, and we would love to support and encourage those who are struggling financially or who may receive little appreciation for their work.

The scholarships will cover the full cost of fees on the programme (£285). To be eligible for one of the Bristol Translates Summer School translation scholarships, you must:

  • Be either a refugee/asylum seeker or a person on low-income (less than GBP 17,040 gross)
  • Have applied (by 31 March 2021) for a place on the Bristol Translates Summer School
  • Be a resident in the UK

To ensure fair distribution of the available funding, applications will be assessed by a panel including the two Directors of the Bristol Translates Summer School and myself as Academic Lead.

Information provided in the Applicant’s personal statement will be used to select recipients of the scholarship. The decision will be based on evidence of:

  • The Applicant’s motivation and commitment
  • The anticipated benefits to the Applicant of participating in the Summer School
  • The Applicant’s intentions and plans for a career in translation

More information is available on the Bristol Translates website, where you can apply for both the scholarships and for the Summer School itself too, independent of your status.

I would love to welcome you this summer!