Educational Communities and their Language

A language of mutual respect turns classrooms into
spaces of
ambitious inquiry

Being acknowledged as a human being is a wonderful experience. The person of the learner must be at the heart of every seminar activity. This is how knowledge is created, and information is conveyed. As instructor, I may be ahead of my students, but if I don’t live up to my responsibility, they will never know. Humour and dignity are the values guiding me – one of my students once called it ‘pranks and prayers’ …

Hat Ihr Lehrer Sie als Mensch gesehen? Dann hatten Sie Glück. Im Kurs steht für mich die Persönlichkeit der Lernenden im Mittelpunkt. Nur wer sie vor Augen hat, kann Inhalte erarbeiten oder vermitteln. In der Lerngemeinschaft wird mein Vorsprung nur schrumpfen, wenn ich Verantwortung übernehme. Humor und Würde oder, wie einer meiner Studenten sagte, „pranks and prayers“, sind Leitbilder meines Unterrichts.



Recognition as Fellow (HEA)

Recognition as Fellow (HEA)

I am pleased that my work as a university teacher has been recognized by Advance HE, and I am now a Fellow (HEA). Thank you to colleagues and students!

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Deutsche Schülerakademie (DSA) is a German government-funded organisation running summer schools for exceptionally talented sixth-form students from all over Germany as well as German schools abroad. I have been teaching at the DSA since 2014, and quite frankly, it is one of the best things in my life. Find out more here. 


Translation Industry

Overview of current trends and opportunities in the language industries

German Economic Policy Narratives

Policy-making happens in language. Who gets a voice?

Deutsche Teilung, deutsche Einheit

This course draws on a variety of materials (including contemporary documents and audiovisual resources) to introduce you to the postwar history of Germany.

Deutscher Humor

This course explores some of the ways in which German humour is expressed.

Introduction to German Literature

Highlights of German literature from Goethe to Heiner Müller.

Wirtschaftspolitik und Managementkultur

An introduction to German economic policy making and the concomitant management culture in the German-speaking world.

Kulinarische Hermeneutik

Der Kurs untersucht Rezepte und Kochbücher auf explizites und implizites Wissen, Annahmen, Machtverhältnisse, Trends, Milieus und Identitäten.

The Centre in German Politics

Um uns herum spüren wir es, hören wir es, lesen wir davon: Die Mitte in der deutschen Politik ist weg. Stimmt das eigentlich?

Introduction to German History

A series of overview lectures, covering the five centuries from Luther to Laptops in 500 minutes!

Romantische Lyrik / Romantic Poetry

In these seminars we will study a selection of poetry from the Romantic period of German literature (the very late 18th and early 19th centuries).


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