Here is another list — I’ve collected some of those little flavoring phrases that I am going to miss hearing or saying in English. I’m posting these as my boxes are on their way across the Atlantic. The term “flavoring phrases” is used as an equivalent to “flavoring particles,” which is what popular grammarians seem to call words like “ja, doch” and all those other little German words that, in and of themselves, don’t really mean a whole lot, but if you get them wrong you’ll pay for it. If you can think of good translations for the following phrases, write a Comment. So here we go — phrases I’m going to miss:

1. “Can I steal some of your fries?”

2. (In e-mails:) “I hope this finds you well.”

3. (With great determination:) “There’s no such thing.”

4. (Impatiently, from the back seat:) “Man, it’s a grid … !”

5. Being called “Honey,” “Love,” or “Sweetie” by random administrators.

6. “Daaamn.” (as in “when you studied long and hard all week for an exam you have and you got your test results back and you failed and you was like…….DAMN…”, as seen on the facebook group “Yo it be like … Damn!”)

7. Being told not to whinge but to “keep my pecker up,” and being able to respond, What the FUCK?

8. “Did you get my message?”

9. OK, fair enough, there is a translation for that last one. So here’s one for the road: calling someone a “Turkey nazi” around Thanksgiving time.

Anyways, I’ll be back.

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