On May 17 I will explore the link between language and leadership at a public event at London’s RSA House.

I was recently told that Britain spends to much time obsessing about language when it needs a ‘f***g plan.’ I disagree. Authors of viable plans understand the language of those whose needs they address, and write in a way that their audience appreciates. Professionals perform better once they manage the social dynamics of their own language use.

As a Partner at Nimirum, a research firm advising clients in marketing and business development, I was able to develop new ways of supporting them. In my talk, I will show how something can have meaning and still make no sense, and why people who agree on something may still act in contradictory ways. I will discuss examples of terms and narratives that work, and some that don’t. Yes, many of them will be drawn from recent Brexit debates: Grabbing the Brexit bull by its linguistic horns is even more fun than linguistic confusion itself!

17.05.2019, 12:00 (noon)
RSA House, John Adam Street, London
Part of the RSA’s Friday Conversations series.